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Today is indeed, a birthday in the life of ATIGAH KOFI GODWIN as he celebrates today.

Indeed, today marks another day, a special day to say and mention — in the life of this brother as he celebrates his birthday today.

With much blazing, all thanks to God for the life, guidance, protection, uplift and the strength to excel in all things.

Through it all, he thanks God for times he had plenty and times he had nothing.

  • The times he was happy and times he was sad.
  • The times he gained and the times he lost.
  • The times he was judged and criticized by too many and the times he was celebrated by only a few.
  • The times he loved and the times I could not love.
  • The times he fell and the times he picked myself up.
  • The times he made mistakes and the times he did it right.
  • The times he felt alone and the times he felt complete.
  • The times he was married and the times he was not.
  • The times he did not have anyone and the times he had a family.
  • The times he thought I had it all and the times he thought he had none.
  • The times he thought he knew it all and the times he knew nothing.
  • The times he blamed the world and the times he blamed myself.
  • The times he thought he could fix things and the times he knew he could not.
  • The times he could have died and the times he was saved.
  • The times he cried and the times he smiled.

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The interesting part of the birthday today

Today is indeed, a great day in the life of ATIGAH KOFI GODWIN and we celebrate with him, his humble self but nothing else and we thank God for his life in all as precious thing.

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In summary, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ATIGAH KOFI GODWIN and we pray for more grace, uplift, more money, life abundantly, wisdom and knowledge throughout 2021 and all time.

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