Ernest Connect: Happy Birthday To Founder Of &

Time flies, and this same time waits for no man on this earth. Be you a rich man, a poor man or a middle class-range person, you cannot have control over time, since it moves accordingly and non-stoppable.

Birthdays are the special celebrations in the life of mankind, to remember his day of birth, month of birth and the exact year brought to this earth — with a purpose to fulfil.

Today, it has marked the special day in the life of a richest health blogger in Ghana, a serial entrepreneur, digital marketer, social media marketer, PR, Strategist communication personality, Sales-copy writer, Article writer, Blogger and YouTuber of &

Ernest Connect Celebrates, friends celebrate with him, and the internet celebrates with him as well today.

Wishes From Friends Over Internet

Many friends of Ernest Connect had wishes for him and all over social media.

Adventurous Life Of Ernest Connect

Ernest Connect

Having fun and travelling is best in life and Ernest connect is exploring nature with the travel aspect.

These are the adventurous moments enjoyed by Ernest Connect. The travel life, exploring nature and more.

Ernest Connect’s Crush!

Food time with Ernest Connect

I cannot tell whether Ernest Connect loves food or not. He might be a food lover but won’t eat much. This is can be based on appetite for food and desires to taste any new food — to confirm how it tastes.

Ernest Connect & Friends

This is how Ernest Connect explores life with friends. The fun way.

Ernest Connect And Jonathan

Ernest Connect With Bloggers for fun

A Wish From Emmanuel Atigah to Ernest Connect

This is my perfect and crafted wish to Kpebu Ernest Amponsah of Ernest Connect,, Ernest Connect Vlogs (YouTube) and Strawberry Inc (YouTube).

Ernest Connect, you celebrate today and internet itself is a witness to your birthday celebration. Thousand words are even shorter to express how we built our friendship and stood on a stronger relationship from ages. The internet has brought us under one umbrella to embrace more to our hidden careers and passions. We no longer friends but brothers.

On this special occasion in your life, I wish you a birthday and great moments of celebration as today marks no other special day but — your Birthday!

Happy Birth day! Happy Birth month!! Happy Birthday!!!

How to contact Ernest Connect During His Birthday

YouTube: Ernest Connect Vlogs
WhatsApp: 024 630 8331

How To Send Ernest Connect Mobile Money During His Birthday

If you wish to surprise Ernest Connect during his birthday, the only MoMo number I can recommend to you is 0248953828 (Ernest Akpabe Kpebu)

In summary, Today is indeed, a great day in the life of Ernest Akpabe Kpebu and we celebrate with him, his humble self but nothing else and we thank God for his life as a precious gift on earth today.